Chicago Land Rover LR3 Review

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2009_Land_Rover_LR3After years of model upgrades, the Chicago Land Rover LR3 appears to have struck a chord with the consumer. Readily welcoming aggressive off-road dirt onto its frame, the Chicago LR3 is just as comfortable dressing up for a night on the town. Handling much better on paved roads and in daily driving than the previous-generation, the new Chicago LR3 sacrifices nothing in off-road capability – always eager to tackle trails, mountain roads, and freeways.

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Range Rover LRX is cleared for production

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Automakers that hope to continue doing business over the next few years need to be increasingly aware of their fuel consumption, emissions and environmental credibility. In respect to these realities, Auto Express in the U.K. is reporting that Land Rover is moving forward with plans to launch the new LRX compact hybrid ‘ute, with potentially a bit of help from the U.K. government.

Locally, Chicago Land Rover dealership personnel are excited about the fact that Land Rover is moving forward to make sure its future lineup is as green as the badge on their 4WDs. Last year Land Rover hinted at the Detroit Auto Show the possibility of a new small vehicle with the LRX Concept, which ended up winning the Concept Truck of the Year award and sent every auto journalist into frenzy, under what has developed as its Range Rover sub-brand.

The British government is reported to be so enamored with the idea that they’re ready to throw £27 million ($44,422,507.41 dollars) at Land Rover to develop the automobile, merely scratching the surface of the estimated £400 million ($658,111,220.80 dollars) development cost.

Land Rover hopes to develop this new product soon. In what has been dubbed by Land Rover as the brand’s “smallest, lightest, and most efficient Range Rover” ever built, the LRX-themed model may potentially end up integrating a gasoline-electric hybrid power train (if not the 2.0 liter turbo diesel hybrid found in the concept).

What has been confirmed is that the LRX concept will incorporate an Electric Rear Axle Drive (ERAD) hybrid drive train with regenerative braking capabilities; in essence a smart drive train that takes measures, by putting electric power to the front, altering left-right torque bias, and even detaching itself from the driveshaft, in an effort to maximize traction and efficiency.

Often times for Chicago Land Rover buyers, the more technology included into the automobile, the better. With this in mind, the ERAD has been mated to Land Rover’s acclaimed Terrain Response system, putting power on the ground as often as possible, offering Hill Descent Control and an integrated Eco mode for city cruising. If the entire setup, in this situation the ERAD and the rest, can be bundled in a manner so as not to obstruct storage space, it could sell well enough to assist Land Rover reach its goal cutting fuel consumption and emissions by 20%.

Besides its start/stop system, which drivers may currently find on certain Freelander/LR2s, Land Rover will borrow generously from corporate partner Jaguar’s hardware stable, which has been said to be developing their own extended-range and hybrid vehicles. In the meantime, the British-built automaker is set to debut stop/start and regenerative braking on all of its models, in hopes of improving their environmental performance. .

Chicago Land Rover News- Fire and Ice Defender Limited Editions

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Land Rover has announced two new limited edition luxury vehicles, the Fire and Ice Defenders

Land Rover has announced two new limited edition luxury vehicles, the Fire and Ice Defenders

The Land Rover Defender is one of the toughest, most hardcore trucks out on the road. With only the bare essentials to make it through even the roughest terrains, it is one of the most capable off-roaders in existence. So what happens when you try to tame such a wild child and make the most rugged model out there into a luxury vehicle? The Fire and Ice Defenders are what happen, limited edition Luxury vehicles that Land Rover has announced for sale overseas.

With these two new models, regardless of the abundance of luxury, the Defender has proven that it cannot be made soft. The Fire and Ice models will keep in tact the rugged dependability of Defender models while offering a new and more upscale feel, complete with the many luxuries that we have come to expect from our 4WD Rovers. According local Chicago Land Rover dealers, the build will be based off of the 1948 model, with some modern day updates. The Fire will be released in Vesuvius Orange, the Ice in Alaska White, both with Santorini Black roofs and trim.

There will only be 850 of these bad-to-the-bone new models, and so far they will only be released in Europe, China and South Africa. However, Chicago Land Rover dealers have their fingers crossed that a few make it across the pond. With all new leather and Alcantara suede interiors, the Fire and Ice will be as classy as any Land Rover has ever been and will also boast lots of exciting new features. Recaro bucket seats, a glass sunroof, and alloy wheels will all help the Defender keep its hard-core reputation while giving it a little extra comfort and panache.

Land Rover chose to stick with a very vintage design for the Fire and Ice models, a real fun aspect to the models that combines with their rugged ability and luscious interior to make one of the most unique vehicles in the world.

Driving a Land Rover Defender out in the mountains, motoring adventurers should find the Fire and Ice Land Rovers to be the pinnacle of pampering on their scamper to the summit. With the same grit and power the Defender is known for, combined with added new luxury indicative of top-of-the-line Rovers, the Fire and Ice limited edition Defenders will wind through the wilderness like with grace and amenity.

Land Rover LR3 handles like a pro

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The Land Rover LR3 drives as well on-road as it does off-road

The Land Rover LR3 drives as well on-road as it does off-road

The first time I saw the Land Rover LR3, I remember thinking how good-looking, classic even, the car was. So when my friend purchased his LR3, I was floored when I learned how he treated it.  Off-roading and riding it around in the dirt did not seem to be the right way to drive such a pristene looking SUV. So I went to my local Chicago Land Rover dealership to check out this vehicle for myself. And once I got behind the wheel, the urge to drive trails rather than roads hit me too. I suddenly felt the need to be somewhere in the mountains driving around and seeing all this luxury 4-wheel-drive could really do.

I’m not sure if it was the Jaguar-inspired 300-horsepower engine, or Land Rover’s exclusively engineered Terrain Response system, but something about the vehicle’s spirit really made me wish I was one of those rough-and-tumble drivers out on the open land. However, once I was able to finally snap back into reality (and bring the LR3 with me), I realized that it fit in really well on the roads. It was a smooth drive, and handled more effortlessly than I assumed it would, given its size.  And its sleek look makes this the perfect ride for climbing rocks by day and dining downtown by night.

The more I drove it, the more I realized how functional for everyday use this Rover seemed to be. With optional third-row seating, there is plenty of room in back to tow friends around, and a nine speaker Harman/Kardon stereo to keep them all entertained. And, as my Chicago Land Rover dealer explained to me, this sporty auto boasts all of the safety features one would expect, whether they are driving around with their friends or if they are heading out to the wilderness for a bout of mountain camping.

Later that week, I convinced my friend to take me off-roading in his LR3. And while this truckwas everything I hoped it would be on urban pavement, it was eveything I ever dreamed for and more out in nature. Like my Chicago Land Rover dealer (and my friend) had promised, it handled like a pro and really took control of the road, and the terrain where roads don’t go.

So, to all of you Land Rover LR3 owners, or would-be owners, I leave you with this thought. Take care of your cars. Be kind to them and treat them nicely. They will appreciate it. But while the LR3 is a drive worthy of pulling up to the red carpet, don’t forget that it has an adventuresome side.

Range Rover HSE Sport Chicago test drive

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Range Rover HSE_V3I ambled over to a Chicago Land Rover dealer this week to take a drive in a Range Rover HSE Sport, the only specific model of Land Rover I had yet to drive.  Bearing the “sport” moniker, I was a little concerned the model would sacrifice some Land Rover charm and off-road ability and try to become the BMW X5.  That was not the case.  While the Range Rover HSE Sport does handle the best of the Land Rover lineup, it did not give up the qualities that earn a vehicle the Land Rover or Range Rover badge.

Yes, better handling and quicker acceleration are the themes in this Rover, but feel free to gallivant off-road just as you would with the LR2.  Pulling out of the suburban Chicago Land Rover dealership, I was thankful for the swift acceleration, as I had a small window to merge into the endless stream of traffic.  Our suburbs contain strikingly few curvy, mountainous roads, so my the majority of my ruthless handling tests were performed in front of a Best Buy, where I’m pretty sure the resident seagulls thought I was lost.  Seriously tight handling and a seemingly low center of gravity make this a ride worthy of the sport label.  Not to be ignored is the Range Rover HSE Sport’s pep, which is significantly improved over its brethren.  With a 4.4-liter V-8 that spells 300 horsepower, this lighter Range Rover really zips for a vehicle in its class.  The supercharged model of the Sport HSE gets to 60 mph in less than eight seconds.

Design-wise, the HSE Sport clearly displays the characteristics of a Land Rover, but it does so in its own way.  The exterior takes none of the actual elements from its Range Rover siblings.

Key to the Land Rover, the HSE Sport comes with Terrain Response System, the nifty dial that you can adjust with ease from the driver’s seat to let your Rover know what terrain it’s navigating and how to handle it.  Just more proof that the Sport is uncompromising in its Roverness.

Here is a video with good info on the Range Rover HSE Sport from Kelly Blue Book:

Land Rover LR2 takes Vehicle Satisfaction Award

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Really good news at our Chicago Land Rover dealership today.  Not only did the LR2 take the prize in the AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Award, it is also the vehicle those surveyed in the Luxury Crossover SUV segment would recommend most to other buyers.

John blogged about our LR2 recently and loved his test drive from our Chicago Land Rover dealership, Patrick Land Rover, loving how he seemed to be wrapped in luxury while driving.  It seems owners of the LR2 feel exactly the same.  Below is article that discusses the LR2 and why owners are so satisfied.

PRESS RELEASE: Land Rover LR2 wins 2009 AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Award

MAHWAH, N.J. May 19, 2009 Owners of the Land Rover LR2 have rated it top of its class in the Luxury Crossover Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment in AutoPacific 2009 Vehicle Satisfaction Award research. In addition, owners surveyed in the Luxury Crossover SUV segment voted the Land Rover LR2 the vehicle they would most recommend to others.

AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Award (VSA) is an industry benchmark for objectively measuring how satisfied an owner is with their new car or light truck, and reflects the opinions of consumers nationwide. The VSA Awards summarize the results of AutoPacific’s 2009 model year vehicle satisfaction research. More than 25,000 consumers around the country participated in the survey.

“Winning these awards demonstrate that customers appreciate the breadth of capability that comes standard in a Land Rover and shows the value our owners put on the overall packaging of the LR2 and we are pleased with this recognition,” said Chris Marchand, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Land Rover North America.

“AutoPacific has conducted this industry research since 1997. Vehicles that score highest in AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Awards have hit the mark delivering value and satisfaction with their buyers by performing well in 48 separate categories that measure the ownership experience.” says AutoPacific president George Peterson.

The Land Rover LR2 HSE offers permanent all-wheel drive with a 230 bhp In-line 6 engine, and features 19-inch alloy wheels, seven airbags (SRS), power tilt-and-slide dual-panel panoramic sunroof, and Land Rover’s patented Terrain Response System Standard. It is this level of premium standard features that allows LR2 to provide tremendous value in its class, while demonstrating the refined on-road performance and off-road aptitudes for which the Land Rover brand is known.

Owner satisfaction is measured across specific areas related to a vehicle’s operation, comfort, safety and the overall purchase/lease experience. The 2009 ratings reflect input from buyers and lessees of new vehicles acquired September through December 2008.

Chicago Land Rover service: 6 tips for summer driving

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CarRepairIt’s that time of year again, when people all over Chicago start cooking outdoors, taking evening strolls, and failing to prepare their cars for summer. What’s that? You thought winter was the only season you had to prepare your vehicle for? Guess again.

Something most drivers don’t realize is that summer can be every bit as rough on a vehicle as winter. But not to worry, your Chicago Land Rover service team is here to get you through this.  Here are our 6 tips that should keep you enjoying the summer in your Land Rover.

  • Check your air conditioning – It’s a wonderful spring day and your windows are down, the breeze playing flirtatiously with those few strands of hair draping over your forehead. Who needs air conditioning? Well, try fast-fowarding a couple of months to Taste of Chicago weather, when the sun is beating down, the temperature rivals that of a Hammond steel mill, and the air is more humid than chicken soup. What I’m getting at is that I think you’ll want your air conditioning to be in top shape at some point, and finding out there is a problem with it in July is a lot less fun than fixing it before the heat arrives. The stress summer’s heat puts on your car’s air conditioning can take its toll, especially on an already weak A/C system. Have your system checked by a trained Chicago Land Rover service professional before you begin relying on it every day.
  • Check your coolant – An engine without proper coolant protection is a disaster waiting to happen in the dog days of summer.  Overheating is the one of the biggest causes of summer breakdowns. Make sure your coolant has the proper cooling protection, and check to make sure your levels are consistent.  If you have to add coolant on a regular basis, you have a leak and need to get your car in for service.  If your “check coolant” light ever pops on, be sure to get your vehicle into a Chicago Land Rover service center to have the coolant level checked.
  • Test your battery – The extreme temperatures of summer can be tougher on your battery than cold weather. That is one reason more manufacturers are moving the location of the battery out of the engine compartment where it is away from the added heat of the engine. The health of your battery can be tested with specialized equipment by a Chicago Land Rover service technician.
  • Pay attention to your tires – A lot of people would think tires are more of a winter concern due to snow and ice. Warmer temperatures, especially on a long trip, can really test the integrity of your tires. Check your tires before they let you down in the middle of nowhere. Under- or over-inflated tires cause poor fuel economy and uneven wear on the tread. Worn tires cause accidents during summer months when the roads are traveled the most.
  • Change your oil regularly – Regular oil changes are always a necessary practice, but they are more important in the summer. The extreme heat causes oil to break down faster, leaving your engine unprotected. You also want to pay attention to you summer miles. Most drivers use their cars more during warmer months, so you may need to change you car’s oil more frequently during the summer.
  • Clean your car – Not only does a clean car make driving more fun and give you more pride in your vehicle, a car that is routinely kept clean will stay looking new for longer and help retain its value. Additionally, a car driven in Chicago all winter will have a nasty buildup of caked-on dirt and salt on its underbelly. You need to make sure you have your car’s underside sprayed off thoroughly to prevent that grime from causing rusting of various components.